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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[PC Computer Errors] Bluescreen of Death, what do I do??

PC Computers are prone to errors because it has to "be" compatible with virtually everything. And sometimes thing do go wrong after a new hardware installation, driver installation, program installation or even an windows update. While most bluescreens (of death) are caused by out-of-system-memory, some are unique and can take a lot of time to fix. Below are the steps you should follow of first "Knowing the Enemy"

Well first do your computer restart immediately after the bluescreen? if so, When it restarts you should press F4 and chose "disable automatic restart upon system failure" or something of that sort, so you will have time to read the messages...

When the bluescreen of death shows up again, copy down the error code (number/letters following the "STOP" row, it should be 0x000000....). There should also be a brief summary of the cause of the bluescreen.

So as I stated chances are the bluescreen of death is caused by memory such as out of memory or error in reading/writing in memory blocks. But if that's not the case you should post your error code up here and I'll see if I can help you. Or visit and type in your error code on the search bar to see if there are any specific solution to your problem.

*Common Solution to Out-of-Memory.
This can happen when the program is using too much memory at one time and exceeds the system's memory & page files size (Or Page Files could not be accessed fast enough). Let say a program's minimal requirement is 1024MB of memory but you only have 512MB, chances are you will get a bluescreen in the middle of using the program of it fails to start in the first place. To address this problem is either you should look for other similar program that ultilizes less system resources or it is time to upgrade your system memory (See My "How can I upgrade my memory" Post for details)

Another reason of Out-of-Memory might be the program is actually malfunctioning or a virus/trojan is buffer-overflowing your system. Although most Anti-Virus Programs offer Buffer-Overflowing protection against such viruses, an nasty viral infection on your PC can write numerous unidentified scripts to actually overflow and crash your Anti-Virus Programs along with your PC, if that ever happens and you have followed all the diagnostic steps above, consult a GeekSquad in your local BestBuy store...(lol...though sale, but really you should see a professional in fixing your PC)

[Computer Networking] What is the difference between a Router & a Adapter?

In Computer Networking, Router have the function of an Adapter, but a Router perform more duties than an Adapter.

Adapter enable a computer to "Adapt" to the current network setting set by the "Router", Router also adapts the network settings set by the modem or sometime by the computer.

Yet there is a crucial difference between an Adapter & Router. I can demonstrate the simple difference of adapters & routers in wireless networks. Most Laptops have Wireless Network Adapter, not routers, because it can only connect to one network point (A Wireless Network Router or another computer). But routers can connect to multiple computers or act as a network point for multiple devices, so the almost all the Internet-Sharing "box-thingie" we have in home is named Wireless Network "Router", not adapter.